The main Value

Our core values -
  Responsibility, Innovation, and Co-Prosperity.

The upper-most principle -
  Health, Enthusiasm, Specialty and Progress.


Management Philosophy

At Prober , we strive to build trust in a business relationship with our clients, employees and business associates. The main mission is to satisfy our customer with excellent service and to provide high quality connectors at competitive prices to meet our customers' needs and to do what the other competitors cannot do. In addition, we offer a competitive price with stable quality and fast delivery to ensure our customer satisfaction.


What we can provide

Prober International is a professional connector manufacturer. Our products include a variety of connectors, such as Waterproof Sensor Connectors , Multiple Contact Connectors , Push-Pull Connectors , Miniature Waterproof Shielded Connectors , DIN, Mini DIN , Power DIN , OBD-II, related Cable Assemblies , just to name a few.

Professional Manufacturer

In order to achieve and maintain the highest quality of products, we use high precision and automated equipment to meet customer's requirements and guarantee that our products comply with all international safety standards. According to the SGS material testing standard, we use green material to ensure that all of our products are manufactured with the least impact to our environment.


Development Strategy

Prober is able to customize the product that fits your needs and requirements. We continuously provide innovative products and solutions in order to meet the increasingly high market demands in a rapidly growing technology industry. In the future, we plan to make our products globalized and endeavor to become an outstanding worldwide company.

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